Tarpon Guide Greg Dini, Fly Water Expeditions

If you would enjoy watching a 100+ pound fish swim in shallow water, track your fly, eat it, then try to take every yard of fly line and backing off your fly reel, Fly Water Expeditions has your medicine!

Tarpon fishing guide

Tarpon fishing guide

Beginning as early as April and staying all the way through the first few weeks of August, large tarpon migrate up Florida’s coast and Fly Water Expeditions will be there to intersect.

Captain Greg Dini does Fly fishing only trips from April 1st – August 1st in the best-known fisheries the state of Florida has to offer. He sight fishes for migrating tarpon on the beaches, as well as searches for monsters laid up and rolling in the pristine back countries of the west coast of Florida. From the middle of May through the beginning of August, Fly Water Expeditions travels up the coast of Florida with these prehistoric fish in search of them in other undisclosed locations.

Hooked Tarpon!

Hooked Tarpon!

These areas have some of the best fly fishing opportunities for tarpon in the entire world. Fishing in clear water anywhere from 3-5 feet in depth, these monster Tarpon migrate through the area and eat  flies on a regular basis. Let Capt. Greg get you hooked on the best saltwater game fish Florida has to offer. Fly Water Expeditions would love to have you on the bow give them a call today!



Tarpon jumping

This is awesome picture of a tarpon jumping was submitted by Captain Joe Rodriguez of south Florida. Capt. Joe is a world renowned tarpon guide specializing in Miami, Keys and south Florida fly fishing.


tarpon on fly

tarpon on fly

Chicks fishing

Here’s a cool website we found that is all about chicks fishing. There’s plenty of great pictures of women fishing and catching big fish. Enjoy the chicks fishing website.


Chicks fishing

Chicks fishing

Captain Jose Wejebe 2009 ESPN show schedule

I’m looking forward to the new Spanish Fly season December 28th at 9:30 AM on ESPN Outdoors.

Spanish Fly 2009 show schedule  

Spanish Fly 2009 show schedule


 2009 Spanish Fly Show Schedule

Episodes available on ESPN2 and in HD on ESPN HD

Got Em!  

Got Em!



All times Eastern Standard Time

12/28/08 Sun. 9:30AM – Cape Canaveral Florida 

In the shadow of NASA Space center, a family raises their child in an area known as “Old Florida”.

Join the Redwines as they teach their son Alden all about “ urban nature” and fishing in the backyards canals and shorelines of the Indian and Banana Rivers. It is here where young Alden and his teenage mentor Antanas learn that Snook, Redfish and yes, even Catfish are the means to the end of learning all about the home waters of their neighborhood.

Show Re-airs 1/03/09 Sat. 6:00AM

1/04/09 Sun 9:30AM – Boca Piala, Mexico

In the state of Quitana Roo on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is a small fishing lodge built in 1959. Located in the heart of the Sian Kaan Ecological Reserve, Boca Paila Fishing Lodge sounds like a sun drenched tropical paradise …..right?

Not so much when a series of tropical weather systems bring torrential rain , wind and squalls though the area, the fishing gets… well…soggy! Not the kind of weather for sight fishing on the flats, however, if you don’t mind getting wet and changing your tactics, there is almost always something to do to catch Bonefish, Snook and even Permit in this unusual ocean meets lagoons transitional area.

Show Re-airs 1/10/09 Sat. 6:00AM

1/11/09 Sun 9:30AM – Christian Goodpaster Make A Wish, Key West, FL

The shallow water flats of the “backcountry“ is the stage set for a young man with a double lung transplant to catch some fish and tell of his struggle with Cystic Fibrosis. Christian Goodpaster and Jose Wejebe met some 10 years ago when the Make a Wish foundation put them together in Islamorada.

Join our friends as they hunt the big three of the Grand Slam, a Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon, as well as a few surprise fish on the flats behind Key West and Sugarloaf Key.

click here for the rest of the SpanishFly show scedule

new fishworks shorts and clothing

Fishworks just released some new 2009 fish clothing. Fishworks claim to fame is quality in every little fishing detail. Many anglers say you just can’t wear out a pair of Fishworks shorts or pants. Check them out for yourselves.

click for fishworks clothing

Tarpon fishing in the Everglades.

Everglades National Park is the largest sub tropical wilderness in the US. The area has many rare and endangered species, such as the American crocodile, Florida panther, and West Indian manatee. It is also a great place to go tarpon fishing. Here’s a site that contains links and information about fishing for tarpon and many other species in the Florida Everglades.



Fishing the Everglades

Fishing the Everglades

Tarpon Rolling

Nothing gets tarpon anglers blood boiling more then seeing them roll. Many guides and anglers can tell a lot about the disposition of the tarpon by the way it rolling.

This photo of a medium sized tarpon rolling was provided by Tribenwater.com.